Black Annealed & Galvanized Wire
MJ wire mesh produced three types of soft annealed or hard basic wire: bright, black, and galvanized. These Protecting Fence
three wires areavailable in sizes ranging from .008" through .250", and can be put up on coils, spools, covered, or Welded Wire Mesh Panel
straightened and cut or loop.we produces only the highest quality stainless steel wire. Barbed Wire & Razor Tape Wire
Black annealed tie wire also Rebar Tie Wire is made from the softest annealed wire available to assure you that it will Wire Mesh Basket
consistently form the perfect tie every time.From a saddle tie to the wrap and saddle,to the figure eight,the pliability Pet Cage
of MJ's tie wire makes every tie a annealed tie wire is available with either round or square centers. Insect Screen
U type tie wire and loop tie wire is made from galvanized wire,electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized or black Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
iron wire.U type wire and loop tie wire of different sizes as baling wire or binding wire in construction. Square Wire Mesh
Whatever your straightened and cut wire needs may be, from tag wires to oundry core wires, from lathers wire to Metal Screen Mesh
grape tie wire, or suspended ceiling wire, the chances are good that MJ wires can do it. Filter Wire Mesh
We manufacture optimum quality PVC Coated Wire. Highly durable PVC Wire is made with only best quality raw Hexagonal Wire Netting
materials.We use only ISO grade PVC compounds to ensure a highly reliable quality production. Black Annealed & Galvanized Wire
Black annealed wire when produced correctly is black in color. It is for this reason display makers, auto repair
shops,elevator repair shops, landscapers, wreath makers,builders, christmas tree farms, etc, etc, prefer to use
our "invisible" wire. Paramount Wire's dark annealed wire is available on spools ranging from 10 yards to 500 lbs.
Our dark wire is also perfect tie wire, available in coils of any weight, or straightned and cut from 1" to 144".
Black annealed wire is fully softened low carbon steel wire.The wire is used as tying wire for placing reinforcing
steel and general tying wire for bags.The finish is termed either ‘black’ or ‘grey’ depending on the amount of oxide
on the wire surface.Black Annealed Wire also known as annealed iron wire or annealed wire. used in wire tie.
Galvanized iron wire is designed to prevent rusting and is a very shiny silver in color. It is an extremely versatile
wire, used by landscapers, craft makers, ribbon manufacturers, tag manufacturers, jewelers, contractors, etc, etc.
It is perfect for beading and for use in displays and projects. It's aversion to rust makes it extremely useful around
the shipyard, in the backyard, or anywhere else. SHOWN (from left to right): 24 Galv. on 1# spools; 34 Galv on 10
yard spools; 28 Galv in 15# coils; 16 Galv straightened and cut 10"; and 26 Galv on 15# spools.
The wires are packed with LDPE film & hessian or HDPE fabrics.The stranded wires are supplied as are coil or spool.
Galvanized Iron Wire Kinds: electro galvanized wire, hot dipped galvanized wrie, re-drawing galvanized wire etc.
Wire nails have the same dimensions as brads but bigger heads.(When the term “wire nail” is used to refer to the
method of manufacture, it means any nail made from wire,in contrast to a forged nail or a nail cut from a plate.
In this sense,almost all the nails made since 1900, of every type, are wire nails.)
Common wire nails are thicker than box,cooler or sinker nails and are therefore strongest and stiffest.Common nails
have larger nail shank diameters than other nails. Common nails are always specified for shear wall panels.
Concrete nails are used for most flooring installation applications. The 11/16 inch nail is the standard nail.
Roofing nails are short,diamond-pointed steel nails with a wide flat head.the shank may be barbed and galvanized.
Black Annealed Tie Wire
U Type Tie Wire
Straightened Cut Wire
PVC Coated Wire
Stainless Steel Wire
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