Welded Wire Mesh
Welded wire mesh is manufactured from bright drawn mild steel wire,electrically welded at each intersection.It is Barbed Wire & Razor Tape Wire
produced with a copper washed finish and can be hot dipped galvanized after manufacture.welded wire can be cut Welded Wire Mesh Panel
or bent to the shape required without wires falling apart - unlike woven wire.welded wire mesh also forms its own Protecting Fence
selvage when cut flush. Stock is "trimmed" or "untrimmed balanced studs". Wire Mesh Basket
our welded wire mesh is a most versatile product for all types of farm and home applications.some of the popular Pet Cage
uses are cages,fences,machine and window guards,livestock shade panels,partitions,corn cribs and temporary pens. Insect Screen
galvanized small utility fabric is precision welded with uniform spacing and flush cut stay wires,providing a durable, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
easy-to-handle fabric. Square Wire Mesh
The welded wire mesh including welded wrie mesh panel and electro galvanized welded wire mesh and hot dipped Metal Screen Mesh
welded wire netting and pvc coated welded wire mesh and stainless steel welded wire mesh, etc. Filter Wire Mesh
  Hexagonal Wire Netting
  Black Annealed & Galvanized Wire
Welded wire mesh panel are made of mild steel wire,iron wire,bright drawn wire etc.
welded wire panel are welded by advanced automatic precision welding equipments.It has fine
features of flat even surface,firm structure,be used extensively in building,food,agriculture and so on.
Assortments available:Welded stainless steel wire panel,Welded hot-dip galvanized iron wire panel,
Hot-dip galvanized after welding wire panel,Welded electro galvanized iron wire panel,etc.
Galvanized welded wire mesh are made of mild steel wire,iron wire,bright drawn wire etc.
ZYL wire mesh is manufactured using an incomparable galvanized after welding (GAW) process
that eliminates weak points in the galvanized coating and creates a stronger weld.Using a 99.6 %
pure zinc galvanizing process,the weld is completely protected from the abusive environment.
the kinds of galvanized welded wire mesh including:
Hot dipped galvanized before welding, Hot dipped galvanized after welding.
Electro galvanized before welding, Electro galvanized after welding.
PVC coated welded wire mesh are made of mild steel wire,iron wire,bright drawn wire etc.
By combining durable PVC with a breakthrough coating process,ZYL wire mesh delivers a protective
PVC layer that can handle rough treatment without stripping or peeling.This advanced coating is fusion
bonded to create longer lasting wire mesh with better protection.The result is longer life and better
protection for your traps and cages.the colours have green,black,blue,white and dark green etc.
Stainless steel welded wire mesh are made of 304 stainless steel wire,316 stainless steel wire etc.
The use of stainless steel welded mesh for many industrial applications is rapidly increasing where its
strength, hygienic and rustproof qualities have proved to be of benefit. More and more users are
recognising that the long term advantages of stainless steel far outweigh the higher initial cost.
We can supply our stainless steel welded mesh and wire products electro polished after manufacture.
This is strongly recommended where extreme cleanliness is important,for example in the food industries
and for electronics products manufacture.
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