Hexagonal Wire Netting
Hexagonal wire netting is extensively used in building as reinforcement of the roof and floor, it is also used as fence Barbed Wire
for poultry cage, fish garden and children playground. hexagonal wire netting is also named chicken netting due to Razor Tape Concertina Wire
its application as fences for chicken and other animals. Razor Wire Mesh Fence
Chicken wire, or poultry netting, is a mesh of wire, generally used for making fences. It is made of thin,flexible Field Wire Mesh Fence
galvanized wire, with hexagonal gaps. available in 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) diameter, 2 inch (about 5 cm) and 1/2 inch Chain Link Mesh Fence
(about 1.3 cm), chicken wire is available in various wire gauges usually 19 gauge (1 mm wire) to 22 gauge (0.7 mm). Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Chicken wire (chicken mesh and rabbit wire nettting) is made of low carbon iron wire, the mesh is firm in Hexagonal Wire Netting
structure and has flat surface. It is extensively used in industrial and agriculture ,construction as reinforcement Wire Mesh Basket
and fencing. It is also used as fence for poultry cage, fishing, garden and children playground, etc.chicken wire Pet Cage
is also used as a matrix to hold cement or plaster, in a process known as stuccoing. Insect Screen
The hexagonal wire netting including Normal Twist and Reverse Twist chicken wire netting. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  Square Wire Mesh
  Perforated Metal Mesh
  Expanded Metal Mesh
  Filter Wire Mesh
  Gutter Guard Mesh
  Galvanized Wire
  Black Annealed Iron Wire
Galvanized hexagonal wire netting are made of low carbon iron wire,re-drawing galvanized wire etc.
the kind including electro or hot dipped galvanized before weaving and electro or hot dipped galvanized after weaving.
For many years, chicken wire was thought to have been the best source for containing flocks of chickens (hence the
name, chicken wire), but new research and technologies have provided for much stronger, and durable means of
enclosure, such as welded wire. Chicken wire, having such a small gauge, is found to be too flimsy.
While it keeps the average chicken from escaping, it shows to be a bad source for keeping out predators, such as
opposum, skunk, and commonly dogs as well.
Pvc coated hexagonal wire netting are made of low carbon iron wire,re-drawing galvanized wire etc.
chicken wire mesh also often used in hutches and runs for rabbits/guinea-pigs, but this can be unsafe as it does not
effectively protect against predators, can rust or break easily which can leave sharp edges, and can also stretch,
potentially strangling small animals.
The color of chicken wire netting have green, white, black etc.
Gabion wire netting are made of low carbon iron wire,re-drawing galvanized wire,stainless steel wire etc.
Gabions and gabion mattresses are wire fabric containers, uniformly partitioned of variable size, interconnected
with other similar containers and filled with stone at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic
structures such as retaining walls, sea walls, channel linings, revetments and weirs for earth retention.mattresses
are relatively small in height in relation to the lateral dimension of a gabion and are generally used for channel linings.
Gabions and gabion are sold as assembled baskets,unassembled panels and in roll stock form.Roll stock may utilized to
build continuous gabion structures up to 300 feet in length or mattresses up to 150' in length.
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