Insect Screen
Our window fly screens and insect screen windows (mesh) have mitred corners and a flat smooth face that make Barbed Wire
them unobtrusive and easy to clean.The insect screens can be fitted over many different types of windows and Razor Tape Concertina Wire
openings. On all of our window screens a variety of mesh materials and weave sizes can be fitted to suit individual Razor Wire Mesh Fence
requirements.All window screens are powder coated and are available in White and Brown. Field Wire Mesh Fence
Fly screens are the ideal problem solver for those difficult windows such as; sash, hopper, awning, casement and Chain Link Mesh Fence
the like, and will stick to most surfaces such as steel, aluminium, timber and PVC. A great do it yourself enclosure Welded Wire Mesh Fence
or replacement window screen. We even fit to the reveal of a window screens can be used in many Hexagonal Wire Netting
applications, such as decorative security screens and doors, boats,motor homes and caravans etc. Your answer Wire Mesh Basket
for virtually all window types, both new and old. Pet Cage
Our top-quality insect screening lineup includes aluminum (Brite, Charcoal and Black), and fiberglass (Charcoal Insect Screen
and Silver Gray). In addition, we offer Pet Screen, a pet-resistant screening that is seven times stronger than Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
regular insect screening. Square Wire Mesh
  Perforated Metal Mesh
  Expanded Metal Mesh
  Filter Wire Mesh
  Gutter Guard Mesh
  Galvanized Wire
  Black Annealed Iron Wire
Plastic nylon mesh is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from interrupting The specifications
include 14 × 14 mesh, 16 × 14 mesh, 16 × 16 mesh, 18 × 16 mesh, 18 × 18 mesh, 18 × 14 mesh, and the wire diameter
generally is BWG 31 or BWG 32. The following window screening are available for supplying.
Weaving: plain weave and warp weave.Property: light weight and beautiful appearance. Application: civil construction
against flies and mosquito.Edge: locked edge in green, white, red, blue and other customized colors.
Fiberglass screen mesh is rust and corrosion resistant, fireproof (at cigarette temperature), won’t stretch or
shrink and resists impact.Fiberglass screening is also available in a variety of meshes and colors.Like aluminum,
standard meshes are 18x16 and the two most popular colors are silver gray and charcoal. Fiberglass screening is
also available in a fine-woven 20x20 mesh used primarily in coastal areas where very tiny flying insects (no-see-ums)
are a problem. For large areas such as pool enclosures, a strong 18x14 mesh is also available.Some meshes and colors
of fiberglass are also available on special order in 78" and 84" widths.fiberglass screening is woven from permanent
glass yarn which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color and flexibility.
Aluminum alloy screen mesh is resilient, rustproof, fireproof and meltproof (at temperature of a match).
Aluminum comes in two colors—natural aluminum silver gray and charcoal (black). Black finish offers better visibility,
but natural aluminum finish is preferred.Aluminum screening is available as a standard 18x16 mesh (number of
strands per square inch), which is small enough to screen out most insects.
Aluminum insect screening is more durable than fiberglass and is used for aluminum or wood window screens, screen
doors and wood screen enclosures. It is available in natural aluminum color, black and charcoal.Our Black Aluminum
is the result of years of development. The black finish is electrodeposition coated for strength and durability.
Galvanized window screening are made of low carbon iron wire,re-drawing galvanized wire,etc.
The mesh have 10x10mesh,14x14mesh,16x16mesh,18x18mesh,18x14mesh,18x16mesh,22x22mesh, 30x30mesh,
the size is 3'x100', 4'x100', 5'x100', 6'x100', 7'x100', 8'x100', colour have white or light-blue.
For years, the standard packaging for window screening was rolls of 100 lineal feet. Retailers cut off whatever length
was required by a customer.While many retailers still carry galvanized window screening in 100' rolls,more are offering
screening in precut and individual packaged rolls. Precut rolls are 84" in length, which is enough to repair most windows
and doors. Each roll is packaged for the do-it-yourselfer with complete instructions.
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