Square Wire Mesh
Surare woven wire mesh is cloth made from wire strands. The wires that make up wire mesh run parallel to the Barbed Wire
width of the roll (cross wires) and parallel to the length (line wires). The cross and line wires are interwoven. Razor Tape Concertina Wire
That is, the wires cross over and under each other. Wire Mesh can be woven in a number of different styles Razor Wire Mesh Fence
depending on the material type, wire diameter,and opening size (see weave styles). square wire mesh is Field Wire Mesh Fence
available in rolls, sheets or panels, and cut-to-size. Chain Link Mesh Fence
Square mesh, manufactured typically from low carbon steel wire with high precision in construction and uniformity Welded Wire Mesh Fence
in meshing, are one of the most widely recognized products of our industry. These screens are generally employed Hexagonal Wire Netting
for the purpose of heavy industrial vibrating devices used to separate lumps from the fine powder,sieving and similar Wire Mesh Basket
activities. A very common feature of the chemical, fertilizer, construction and pharmaceutical industries, we pride Pet Cage
ourselves in providing the best in line square mesh screens in the Indian industry. Insect Screen
Product range: 2-20 mesh,30-80 mesh,100-400 mesh,4 feet/ meter.Wire diameter:3mm-0.3mm,0.30mm-0.12mm, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
0.12mm - 0.25mm.End use: Filtering, Sizing, Grading, Separating and Shifting. Square Wire Mesh
  Perforated Metal Mesh
  Expanded Metal Mesh
  Filter Wire Mesh
  Gutter Guard Mesh
  Galvanized Wire
  Black Annealed Iron Wire
Galvanized square wire mesh are made of low carbon iron wire,re-drawing galvanized wire,stainless steel wire,
etc.Packing: In rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with hessian-cloth. Special packing available if
necessary. Remark: Square Iron Wire Mesh is normally supplied in 100'roll and of 24",36",48". Other sizes not
mentioned may be ordered in advance.
Galvanized square wire mesh is manufactured in galvanized iron wire.That is mostly used as window screen , industrial
sieves in sugar,chemical,stone crusher industries,Also in sieveing grain. Workmanship:
Hot dipped galvanized before or after weaving; Electro galvanzied before or after weaving.
Black wire cloth are made of low carbon iron wire,black annealed wire,mild steel wire,etc.
the mesh from 10 mesh to 80 mesh,Width: 0.6 to 1.5m, length: 30m or up.
Mild steel wire mesh and wire cloth series products are widely used in foodstuff processing,pharmaceutics,machinery,
construction,metallurgy etc.black wire cloth are woven by superior quality iron wire in Dutch weave.The weaving
method include plain weave and twill weave. Low carbon steel wire mesh ( wire cloth) can be punched into circular
filter or welded multilayer mesh filter. It can be used in rubber industry,plastic industry,oil industry and cereal sifter.
Black Wire Cloth is also called plain steel wire cloth and black wire mesh
Crimped wire mesh are made of low carbon iron wire,re-drawing galvanized wire,stainless steel wire etc.
Crimped Wire Mesh is woven after wire being crimped.Standard mesh count per inch for crimped wire,it is usually
used as barbecue grill wire netting, Screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries.Some galvanized
and stainless steel crimped wire mesh are for roasting of flour food and meat.
crimped wire cloth has very accurate openings and is woven much tighter than plain weave. It is typically preferred
for vibrating screens and many other applications where sizing is critical.Accurate & Consistent Square & Rectangular.
Opening from 3 / 8” to 4” with Wire Rods upto 20mm in Stainless Steel, G.I. & M.S. Wire etc.
Woven Wire Mesh Machine
Weave Wire Cloth Machine
Crimped Wire Mesh Machine
Crimped Wire Mesh Machines
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